Thornton Park

Of the six historic districts in the City of Orlando, Thornton Park by far is the most popular. With its Craftsman-style and Tudor revivals – adaptive reuse, eclectic and a culture of art and creativity, the attraction to the area is easily understandable. Historic in nature, the area cultivates a hip, contemporary appeal. Local businesses are neatly tucked inside historic, old homes and provide a artistic and cultural vibe to the area. An easy walk to the many local restaurants and boutiques and even to the city park downtown complete the appeal.

Over the years, the seduction of an old-fashioned brand of community has come to define this small neighborhood of approximately 350 residences with events such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the public park, art and cultural festivals, an annual dog washing fundraising event and new moms groups that meet regularly. The overall look of the neighborhood and creative reuse of existing structures serve as a reminder that this emerging community with outstanding walk-ability is a reassured enclave.